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Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts Mum especially today on your birthday.  We love and miss you.  xxxxx


A year has passed since you went away

But you are here with us everyday

Listening, guiding and teaching us still

We love you Mum and always will xxxxx



A tribute from Tony 12/09/2013

To Audrey with All My Love, Always

Now our final day is here

And it is time to depart

And I’m looking for someone to guide me.

I won’t be afraid,

For I know in my heart

You’ll always be there to guide me

Remember the vows

That we made at the start,

When you knelt down in church beside me.

Forget the vow “Till death us do part”

For you’ll always be there beside me.

And when in God’s heaven,

Our lives will restart

And we begin a new life together.

I won’t be afraid

For I know in my heart

You’ll be with me forever and ever.

Tony xx