Ma’s Apple Pie


8oz (225g) Pastry


To every 1lb (450g) of  Unpeeled Apples allow: 2oz (50g) of Moist Sugar (Soft Brown Sugar), 1 tbsp  Lemon Juice, 1 Egg White, ½ tsp Lemon Peel, finely minced Castor  Sugar To Serve, Rum & Raisin ice  cream


Peel, core and slice the apples.

Put into a deep pie dish, just capable of holding them, with the sugar,  placing a small cup upside down in the middle of them.

Place a border of pastry around the edge of the dish.

Cover with pastry and ornament as desired. Bake for 30 minutes.

Remove from the oven.

Brush the pie with lightly whisked egg white, sprinkle with some castor sugar  and a few drops of water.

Put the pie back into the oven and finish baking, taking care  that it  doesn’t burn, which it is very liable to do after the crust is iced.

If made with a plain crust, the icing may be omitted.

Serve with two scoops of Rum & Raisin Ice  Cream.

Time: 30 minutes before the crust is iced. 10 to 15 minutes afterwards.

Allow 2 lbs (900g) of apples for an apple pie for 6 persons.